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CAP Theorem: Big Data

CAP theorem

When you’ll start working with NoSQL databases, sooner or later you come across CAP theorem, The theorem published by Eric Brewer in 2000, that describe any distributed system.

In a distributed database system C stands for Consistency, A stands for Availability and P stands for Partition Tolerance.

  • Consistency – Every node in the system will have the same view of data.
  • Availability – User can read & write from any node.
  • Partition Tolerance – Your system will still Operate even if any node or server fails.

So from the above illustration while selecting your NoSQL database you can choose only two characteristics i.e. A-P, A-C, C-P.

A-P Databases: Voldemort, Cassandra, Riak, CouchDB, Dynamo

A-C Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL

C-P Databases: HBase, MongoDB, Redis, Big Table

CAP theorem

Credits: Cloudacademy.com