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  • 5 pillars of data scientist career

    data scientist career

    Genetically Modified Leadership Great Power Great Responsibility Big Picture in Big Data KISS Feedback   Genetically Modified Leadership: ¬†You and you alone there to guide and lead yourself. To get noticed by the world you have to modify well exactly like GMO food. Tackle weakness and polishing your strengths lead you to greatness. By concurrently being the best mentor and… Continue reading "5 pillars of data scientist career"

  • Data Science Resources

    Data Science Resources

    This post is for the folks who just started or about to start learning Data Science, As data science is a very wide field kindly plan your journey according to it. Start with one language, stick with it and try to understand the basic concepts that will lead you to a long way, I have assembled few resources especially for… Continue reading "Data Science Resources"