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5 pillars of data scientist career

data scientist career

data scientist career

  1. Genetically Modified Leadership
  2. Great Power Great Responsibility
  3. Big Picture in Big Data
  4. KISS
  5. Feedback


  1. Genetically Modified Leadership:

Genetically Modified Leadership You and you alone there to guide and lead yourself. To get noticed by the world you have to modify well exactly like GMO food. Tackle weakness and polishing your strengths lead you to greatness. By concurrently being the best mentor and best student you can possibly be, you will bring forth your GM leadership skills. Leadership will remove self-doubt and motivate you with a heightened self-worth. Control and create your own views to be more positive and productive. The daily intensity of the data scientist role can be increasingly stressful because they have data and data is power.

2. Great Power Great Responsibility:
Great Power Great Responsibility
Power and responsibility always exist in parallel. Nowadays data is power and here comes the responsibility. So, calm yourself being the highest priority then and only then other thing goes well.

3. Big Picture in Big Data:
Big Picture in Big Data
In the age of big data, it is essential to converge your environment into manageable points so that you can keep up a big picture perspective.

4. KISS(keep it short and simple):
The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple than made complicated. So, keep rules and procedure of any model short and simple so that it will not burn your ass in coming future. And always keep in mind Albert Einstein quotes – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well”. and “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

5. Feedback:
Here comes the blood of data scientist i.e feedback. After countless efforts, data scientist waited for feedback to come. Feedback acts like oxygen, blood, all things which make you alive every moment. The more feedback the more powerful you and your work will be.

Data Science Resources

Data Science Resources

This post is for the folks who just started or about to start learning Data Science, As data science is a very wide field kindly plan your journey according to it. Start with one language, stick with it and try to understand the basic concepts that will lead you to a long way, I have assembled few resources especially for beginner level.

Some Data Science Resources to get you started


Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers

Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics Made Simple

Think Complexity

StatSoft Statistics Textbook 


Git & GitHub:

15 minutes to Git

How to Use Git and GitHub 



Intro to Data Processing with Python

Scipy Lecture Notes

Pandas Boot camp


Big Data Resources: 
Big Data University
Data Visualization:
D3.js Tutorial 
Machine Learning Roadmaps: 
MetAcademyDeep Learning: (Not for beginners)Deep Learning Tutorials

Deep Learning Course Stanford / OpenClassroom


Personal Notes:

  • Do not try to Learn Everything from Day 1.
  • Start with the language basics, learn how to analyse data.
  • Data visualisation part will come when you are comfortable with the programming language.