If the machine learning model is not generalised then the model contains some kind of error.Error= difference between actual and predicted values/classesFormulae = sum of (actual output-predicted output), Also Error is the sum of reducible + irreducible error. Reducible Error= bias + varianceBias is how far is the predicted values/class from actual values/class. If the […]

Track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets. Automatic speech recognition CCG supertagging Common sense Constituency parsing Coreference resolution Dependency parsing Dialogue Domain adaptation Entity linking Grammatical error correction Information extraction Language modeling Lexical normalization Machine translation Missing elements Multi-task learning Multi-modal Named entity recognition Natural language inference Part-of-speech tagging Question answering […]

GTFS General Transit Feed Specification is a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. It is the data used by google Maps.2. Details of GTFSGTFS is a set of text files that represent a snapshot of scheduled transit servicesa. Agency.txt – Details of Agency publishing the datab. Routes.txt – Details of Routes […]

When you’ll start working with NoSQL databases, sooner or later you come across CAP theorem, The theorem published by Eric Brewer in 2000, that describe any distributed system. In a distributed database system C stands for Consistency, A stands for Availability and P stands for Partition Tolerance. Consistency – Every node in the system will have the same view […]