10 steps process to deploy a .html website to Heroku, run these commands on the terminal and make sure you have a Heroku account Get to the directory: cd YOUR_DIRECTORY Rename the file to home.html: mv index.html home.html Create index.php with the line:  echo ‘<? include_once(“home.html”);?>’ > index.php Create empty composer file: echo ‘{}’ > composer.json […]

Data Visualization Websites Online Juice Analytics Silk Datawrapper Polychart Plotly DataHero Number Picture Weave Datavisual Zoomdata (via the cloud platforms) RAW Software Tableau SAP Lumira (including a free Personal Edition version) Microsoft Excel (or any other spreadsheet that includes charts) ClearStory BeyondCore Mathematica MATLAB MatPlotLib (if you are comfortable programming Python) R Programming Language ggplot2

The new Dashboarding and reporting tool Google Data Studio which was launched in 2016 is now available for free for small business earlier it was limited to 5 data reports, now the limit has been lifted from 5 to unlimited.Data Studio turns your data into informative Dashboards and Reports which you can read, easy to share, and fully customizable. […]