How to Deploy D3.js visualization or any .html to heroku

10 steps process to deploy a .html website to Heroku, run these commands on the terminal and make sure you have a Heroku account

    1. Get to the directory: cd YOUR_DIRECTORY
    2. Rename the file to home.html: mv index.html home.html
    3. Create index.php with the line:  echo ‘<? include_once(“home.html”);?>’ > index.php
    4. Create empty composer file: echo ‘{}’ > composer.json
    5. git init
    6. sudo git add .
    7. sudo git commit -m “deploying static–err, dynamic site to heroku”
    8. heroku login
    9. login with your credentials
    10. heroku apps: create YOUR_APP_NAME
    11. git push Heroku master
    12. sudo git add .
    13. git commit -m “a helpful message”
    14. git push heroku master



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