What is GTFS by the way ?

General Transit Feed Specification
  1. GTFS

General Transit Feed Specification is a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. It is the data used by google Maps.

2. Details of GTFS

GTFS is a set of text files that represent a snapshot of scheduled transit services

a. Agency.txt – Details of Agency publishing the data

b. Routes.txt – Details of Routes name and type

c. Trips.txt – Details of trip and service

d. Stops.txt – Details of location and stops name

e. Stop_times.txt – Details of arrival & Departure

f.  calender.txt – Details of availability days & dates

including other additional optional fields such as calendar dates, fare attributes, fare rules, shapes, frequencies, transfers, and feed info

Real-time GTFS

1. Trip updates – delays, cancellations, changed routes

2. Service alerts – stop moved, unforeseen events affecting a station, route or the entire network

3. Vehicle positions – information about the vehicles including location and congestion level

ile:GTFS class diagram.svg

3. what are the data we have?

Indian Railways Train Time Table

Data published by:  Ministry of Railways

Source: Data.gov.in

Last updated: 2017

4. when we have GTFS DATA

/Users/Anurag/Desktop/Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 11.31.56 AM.png


To passengers and potential users of higher-quality information on services.

To operators and regulators from the use of analytic and monitoring tools.

To society more generally of operating in an open data ecosystem.

5. Architecture for transit

6. Use case value of application

KMRL – Kochi Metro Rail GTFS

Next Bus Delhi: Android Application of DTC buses

Data used: Delhi Open Transit Data (GTFS)

Case Studies

RPT – Rochester public Transit



7. How GTFS Transition will help government to do performance check and improvements

  • Transit network Analysis.
  • Defining route service span, travel times, headway, stop amenities, Transfer stations, and Interlined routes.
  • Fare structure
  • Planning functions native to transit agencies including service development.
  • Operational analysis


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